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2022 Drama Workshops

Teen Workshop


" A place to learn new things and meet new people"

"The workshop is groovy" - Sunnie

"The workshop is great and makes people feel more comfortable."  - Savannah

"The workshop is a great use of time and soooo fun.  The games and people will make you laugh."

"I've been coming to the workshops for 9 years and I have enjoyed it every single time.  From improv to lessons, from theatre games to building sets, I look forward to these every year."  - Elizabeth

"I've learned so much from the workshops.  It's really fun!"

" The workshops teach so much about the theatre and this one in particular.  It never fails to be a good time." - Brionna

"Everyone was so welcoming and nice.  It felt warming." - Jayden

"The workshop presents so many new faces, wonderful activities, and overall is a very welcoming environment." - Keenan

"When I'm at the workshop, I feel endlessly happy.  I'm surrounded by people I love and I learn new and valuable information." - Josh

"Everyone is very accepting." - Abby

" A great addition to the summer!"  - Cheyenne

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