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Tennessee Valley Theatre Board Members


Tony McCuiston - President/Director of Theatrical Productions (Adult and youth)


Tony has been doing live theatre for over 40 years, most of which has been here at TVT. Through the years, he has had the opportunity to do amateur and professional theatre, TV, and film documentaries, as well as a few movies! His family has always been involved as well.

He has done plays with his two daughters, his son, and his wife! His youngest daughter does theatre here, and in a couple of regional playhouses. His son is a professional actor and has done plays in New York and been in movies. He met his wife in the first TVT play he was ever in.


Dan Frank - Vice President / Director of Facilities

Dan has trained in acting in Beverly Hills, Chicago, and the College of Lake County. He came to Tennessee in 2006 and found his way to the theatre in 2008. Dan has played many roles and directed several plays. He joined the board in 2016. "A warm heart with a smile is a reflection of a passion realized."


Matthew McEvoy – Treasurer

2023 will be Matt’s first year volunteering at TVT. Matt is excited to get involved in the area and to get to know the fun and enthusiastic theater folks. He was introduced to the theater through Anessa VanHorn. (If anything goes wrong, it’s her fault!)

A native of Maine, who after traveling the states with his family for two years decided to make the local area home. Growing up shy and with a speech impediment discouraged him from participating in theater. Although he did make his grand debut in the Wells Elementary School production of the Wizard of Oz, as a munchkin (no lines). 


Anessa VanHorn - Secretary/Director of Theatrical Equipment

Anessa has been a member of TVT for over 20 years now. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was her first play, and that was all it took. She was hooked. She has been in many plays, directed two plays, been assistant director for 2, and has worked countless plays behind the scenes doing lights and sound, tickets, concessions, and stage manager. She joined the board in 2020 and is looking forward to helping make the theatre great.


She is a mother two one teen and one preteen, so if you see her eye twitching, just look the other way. She's married to an amazing man that graciously puts up with her. She loves to hike, kayak, read, and take pictures in her spare time. She's a lover of animals, cool rocks, and amazing sunrises/sunsets (as well as storms rolling in.)


Caroline Powers -Director of Props/Costumes, Play Selection/Purchasing

Caroline has been on the board for six years. She got involved with the theatre when her kids were younger and attended the summer workshops. After the first play she stage managed, she performed in her very first play at TVT and she was hooked! Since then, she has performed in about 15 plays, directed one, been assistant director for three, and worked lights and sound for one!


Tanya Girard - Director of Hospitality

Tanya moved to Tennessee three years ago with her family. Her daughter Emily tired out for Legally Blonde and got the role of Elle Woods! Tanya started helping out doing costumes and fell in love with the theatre! She joined the board a few years ago. She helped CoDirect "The Grunch" and really enjoyed working with the youth programs. She loves the collaboration of so many talented people at TVT!


Dakota McClellan - Director of Guest Services

Dakota has been involved in the theatre since he was 6 years old. This year is his 12th season at TVT. He has been in multiple shows over the years. When he's not on stage, or behind the scenes, Dakota is a teacher at Bright Beginnings Academy. He enjoys cooking, baking, drawing, and watercolor painting. This is his first year on the board at TVT and he is greatly appreciative for this opportunity. He enjoys being on the board because he can be even more involved in what is going on at the theatre. And because he has made many new friends since.


Jill Noga - Director of Special Events


Jill is a Rhea County native who has also lived in Murfreesboro, TN and Atlanta, GA. Although not an actress herself, she has often attended plays in support of close friends who are, including many productions throughout the years at Tennessee Valley Theatre.


Jill became involved with TVT in 2021 when her children auditioned for their first play. She has been a board member since January 2022 and her roles include grant applications and special events, among other responsibilities. She loves supporting TVT and is excited for all the new things she is learning related to the world of theatre. Her all-time favorite shows are Broadway musicals.

She is married to her husband, David, who is a research chemist by day and an amateur blacksmith by night. They have two children that have found a second home and family at the theatre and who are both completely in their element when performing onstage.


In her spare time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family both at home and in the Smoky Mountains. Other favorite hobbies include reading, hiking, family game nights, learning tennis, and playing with her two dogs.

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